digital-camera-lensesDigital cameras have made taking photos easy you can set them to Auto and just point and shoot. What is being forgotten is that the camera can only apply the settings to the image it receives and that depends purely on the type of lens being used. It is easy to get confused over the huge number of different types of lenses available but to start with all you need are 4 the rest can follow as your needs for even better photos increases.

When you buy a camera it will probably come with a standard general purpose lens fitted one with a focal length of 35 70 mm. This is a point and shoot lens and will produce good photos in any conditions but usually not great ones.

To get good pictures of object at a distance and for landscape, nature and sporting photos, where you want to appear to be close to the action, you will need a medium range telephoto lens. These lenses are also good for taking close up and portrait pictures as the object or person you are focusing on will be to be standing out from the background and this will add character to the photos. The medium telephoto lens can be used in many ways and some professional photographers use is as their main lens since an interesting range of effects can be achieved by changing the perspectives. Medium telephoto lenses are available in with a focal length range of 85 135 mm.

If you are into real long range outdoor photography you will need a full telephoto lens. With focal lengths beginning at 135 mm and exceeding 300 mm, these are the only lenses you can use when you want clear and sharp images of distant objects. Long telephoto lens can also be used for medium range work when you need to highlight a part of a distant object and the point of focus will make that aspect of the composition stand out.

The last of your four basic digital photography lenses is the wide angle lens with a focal length of less than 50 mm. This is the only lens to use if you want to capture wide sweeping landscapes or get panoramic views. You can use a wide angle lens for group picture against expansive backgrounds as the lens will make the group appear to stand out from the background.

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portriat photographyPortrait Photography aims to capture the likeness of a person or small group of persons usually in a flattering or satisfying manner. The focus of portrait photography is on the face although the body and some background may also be included. People love to have professionally made solo and family portraits to hang in their homes.

If you are interested in photography and have plenty of time to work on it, why don’t you start a small photography business? For a start you can take portraits of your family and friends. Later on it would be best for you to add that professional advantage to your portrait photography.

Portrait photography dates back to 1830. Examples of which can be seen in the form of daguerreotypes which were really amazing pieces. Even the almost invisible lines of the face and the veins in the hand were all captured.

Times have changed however. People nowadays would allow a little dishonesty on their portraits. Gone were the days when the primary purpose of portrait photography was to give the future generations a reminder of what one used to look like. What is important these days is to have a portrait where one looks extremely glamorous or handsome.

Why You Need A Photo Editing Software

This is one important consideration if you want to succeed in your portrait photography business. You should have a photo editing software so that you can easily follow what your subject or customer wants with his or her portrait.

To explain this further, if your subject worries about her teeth because of its not-so-white color, you can edit the photo to make her teeth look pearly white. If your subject has blemishes on her face you can make them vanish during the editing process. You can give your subject a silky, smooth skin.

Be cautious though in retouching or editing portrait photos. If the alterations you made on the photo are too drastic it will not be taken seriously. The same thing will happen with your work. People might think you’re making fun of your business or profession.

You cannot give your subject the nose of Tom Cruise or the full lips of Angelina Jolie. Just make sure that whatever changes you made are beneficial to the subject at the same time making the portrait still appear natural.

You can purchase a photo editing software for as low as $120. Search the Internet for the best deals and compare prices. Professional level photo editing software is more expensive with costs ranging from $280 to $320. Choose the software that will best work for your business and fit your budget as well.

It would be best for you to read a book about portrait photography to know more about it. Visit any local bookstore near you and check out books about portrait photography. You can also search the Internet for more tips and guidelines from professional photographers.

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